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Manuscript Evaluation

When you don’t know what to do next, a manuscript evaluation will help.

I perform a holistic review of your draft looking at these elements:

  • Structure – Is the plot working? 
  • Characters - Are they developed and strong enough to act consistently on their own? 
  • Point of view – Could the story be stronger with a different POV? 
  • Other high-level items.

The written evaluation explains the points above, provides guidance, suggests next steps, and includes a 5-10 page sample developmental edit at scene level. We review the findings together.

Developmental Edit

Done with rewrites? Ready for a quality check? Here’s how a developmental edit can help.

First, I review the structure, character development, and point of view, just like the manuscript evaluation above. If these holistic elements are in place, then I continue at scene level reviewing:  

  • Narrative elements: Dialogue, actions, descriptive details, thoughts, and exposition
  • Style elements: Paragraph and sentence structure, language, and amateur writing faux pas like repetitive words or phrases, summarizing, show/don’t tell opportunities, etc.
  • Scene structure – Do your scenes include enough details, tension, and a decent pace to keep the reader engaged? Do they advance the plot? 
  • Literary elements – Is there depth to the story or just an event-after-event narrative? Is the underlying message or theme identifiable?

The result will be a professionally-written report of the findings, feedback in the manuscript, guidance, and next steps.  

*NOTE: I don't believe in charging for scene-level edits throughout a book if character or structure issues need to be resolved first. In this situation, I will provide a manuscript evaluation for discussion, and together we'll determine next steps. Fees will be adjusted accordingly.

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