Creative Writing Coach in Fiction and Memoir

With more than twenty years of coaching experience

and a Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing,

I'm here to help you tell your story.

Want to write better?

Use a coach to:

  • Learn the basic fundamentals of creative writing
  • Practice with exercises and assignments
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your writing 
  • Get professional feedback and direction
  • Gain inspiration from craft texts and other works 
  • Assess your writing skills
  • Learn to avoid amateur mistakes
  • Set goals toward literary publication
  • Stay focused on a specific project (book, memoir, short story) 
  • Be your editor, so you don't have to search for one
  • Provide you with the recognition you deserve!

Get a Writing Assessment

Not sure of the quality of your prose? 

Don't know what techniques to practice?

I'll provide you with an assessment that:

  • Identifies strengths and weaknesses
  • Evaluates use of character and scene development
  • Reviews scene-level elements such as dialogue, actions, thoughts, exposition, descriptive details, and tension
  • Provides the feedback that literary journal editors don't have time for  

The end result will be a professional report that outlines the findings, provides direction toward additional study or inspirational authors/books if needed, and lays out clearly-defined goals as next steps in your practice toward improving your craft.  

Learn the Basic Fundamentals of Creative Writing

I'll teach you the building blocks of creative writing using a plan modeled after the form & technique classes taught in universities today. Assignments, practice exercises, and textbook study will guide you at your own pace. 

Help with Research or a Book Project

No matter whether you're just beginning your research, or halfway done with your book, 

I'll guide you toward completion by providing: 

  • ongoing feedback
  • regular meetings
  • direction in the book-writing process  

 Let my project management experience help you stay on track.

Ongoing Feedback

Get professional editorial feedback for your work on a regular basis. 

My Process

Initial conversation is free. 

I coach at an hourly rate and bill at the middle and end of each month.   

Shoot me an email, or give me a call, so we can chat about your writing needs. 

Email, Call, or Text. 


Narrative Solutions is located in Tampa, Florida and provides services virtually throughout the U.S.